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The Price of Art $$

For the last 30 years my goal has been to make art for the masses. I wanted to have an art line that was affordable for people in my income bracket, something that allowed new collectors to begin their journey with the motto of #fineartforall". Within this idea I have scrapped for materials, used my garage as a studio, and generally never really profited from the sale of my work.

The last year and a half, I have taken the deeper dive, not only to promote my own work, but to amassing my art community by renting a studio space and hosting other artists to show alongside me. As a student of art, I know that movements have come with groups of artists working, talking and partying together. Sounds more fun than being alone and guarding my secrets, doesn't it?! This next year, I will launch into more community events that are inclusive of a variety of family budgets, but I have raised my art prices to reflect the amount of time, energy and fancy art supplies that go into each piece. After all gold foil and encaustic wax is a pretty penny! And so, a new hashtag...#luxuryfineart with a healthy dose of community building.



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