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April 23rd, 2010 Posted in creating

"Green Fish"I am so angry with myself right now!  I left of of my most favorite fishy paintings outside in the rain last night and now it is all bubbly and washed out:(

I totally spaced out on this treasure being left in the back corner of the yard where I do my sanding.  The only reason it was there in the fist place was that it was damaged in a doomed loaning of my paintings to someone who I didn’t know well enough to trust with my painted babies.  Grrr!  It is the mistake that keeps on giving!!  Biggest bummer is that this painting was airbrushed, and to get that same color + the always clogging airbrush to work properly is a giant headache.   Not to mention that the original surface was more porous than the repaired area, so the same color paint looks different on it.  Okay, venting done….now to hone my artifact repairing skills and try my best to air brush and matte medium this once glistening thing back to some measure of perfection.  Wish me patience and luck!


Okay…its later, and I fixed her the best I can.  She is now picture worthy once again!

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  2. By Anet on Aug 15, 2011

    I think it looks great! Glad that the rehab went well. Glad to see you blogging and updating posts when you have good news to report. Keep up the good work!

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