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Workin’ it

June 6th, 2008 Posted in creating, shows

With two invitations to show in local galleries, I have been really inspired to stay up late lately.  The other night I found myself working on 10 different pieces at once. Unfortunately, its been taking an entire pint of coffee to get me going in the morning as a result.  

I went to visit the petite gallery “Bubble” in the wee town of Bodega, and made a good connection with Emily the curator/director.  She is hanging three small cityscapes that I recently finished and I am preparing a larger cityscape to round out their collection.

“Bubble” is a one room space, jam packed with style. They, Emily and David, represent contemporary artists and crafters handpicked from all over the country.. yet feature local artists as well as Davids’ own modern and graphic paintings.  They really have a youthful and dynamic style.  I think their name suits the space perfectly, quite the contrary of the other motley shops on the Bodega strip. Check it out!

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