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A little love

March 23rd, 2012 Posted in creating

I just spoke to a man that I met in the fall at the Sebastopol Grange‘s crafts and art show. And Wowie Wow!, he was so inspirational and into my art. I am feeling like a million bucks!  He said,” Your art is charisma, it’s happiness, it’s joy, it’s music to the eye!!”  He told me that it really comes across that I love to make art, in the art itself.  I am thankful for Victor’s enthusiasm and belief in my work.  It is not every day that I get a boost like this and I am savoring the joy it has brought me today. Thank goodness for people who are generous with words.

It has been a tough winter.  With a cold studio, and an accumulation of family items in the garage, I haven’t gotten myself into my winter coat and in my creative space for awhile.  I bought a new canvass though, and it is calling my name tonight.  Now time for tea, so I can make it past bedtime for kiddos!

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