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Donation time-

March 2nd, 2012 Posted in local news, marketing, networking, shows

T’is the season for handouts apparently, and I have come around to being a willing participant.  At first I was flattered, by the “We want you..”, then I was annoyed by the “to donate your art”, then I was hooked by the “to our fabulous…”. So, I am giving away two paintings this week.  One for the Twin Hills/ Apple Blossom  School Benefit Luncheon/Auction  at the French Garden Restaurant, and one for the Imaginists Luck of the Draw evening.  The first one is self explanatory and the Luck of the Draw is kind of exciting!  The guest buys a ticket for 150$ and gets wined and dined with a guest and then they choose your number out of a hat and you get dibs on one of  the pieces of donated art (valued at 300-500$) in order of your draw. FUN!!  The Luncheon should be fun too, but a little nerve racking as people are maybe a bit more reluctant to bid on art at a school event.  But maybe, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I included the photo of the piece you will see if you go to the Imaginists‘ party!  Hope to see you there-

P.S. Their latest play is a Wizard of OZ take off, do you think this painting is fitting??

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