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September 11th, 2011 Posted in creating

Hi there people, or no people.  I am beginning my school year tomorrow and looking for some sort of threshold to cross over before being swept away in the myriad of things a school teacher will attempt to weave into the already overwhelming school day of a mother of three.  Oh!, and I just have to mention that my children have three different pick up times and are all on separate soccer teams this year!  Yikes!  How did I willingly sign up for this ridiculous circus??

On the bright side I have high hopes of discovering a perfect studio space in which to work up some painting, sanding and crafting this year.  I have done some work this summer that is worthy of showing you. I finished a commission piece for a lovely lady named Mary.  This is a picture of it posing in my garden.  I’ll swap it out with it in its place in the house the next time I visit said lady:)

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