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Gettin’ out there

July 29th, 2009 Posted in creating, marketing, retailers, shows

So, I have 40 new paintings and 10 in the wings and I haven’t set up any new shows.  I am ready to go as far as the art goes… yet, now I have to photograph, photoshop, post to Etsy for pricing and specifics and then I have to make a letter for approaching galleries, yes- galleries!  I am so over setting up shows in places where the directive is a lemonade and a sandwich and people are just not there to look at or purchase art.  Now, I realize the tough economic times are upon us, and people are not as apt to drop their cash, but I know I am worthy and it is all about the marketing.  So… that is where I intend to focus my energy, well, as much as I can spare after I make some more art;)

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