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Goodbye Shiki Monkey:(

March 5th, 2011 Posted in local news, retailers, shows

So sad that the coolest shop in town is closing.  I am still sussing out wether this is due to lifestyle change on the part of the owner or the sad state of the economy.  Oh that dreaded word! I have been trying lately not to bring attention to that word at all, like “he who must not be named”.  Yet those who are strong don’t fear the name, they find a way to adapt and move forward. Oh and by the way, she is progressively discounting the items at Shiki Monkey, be sure to get there soon!

I have had a nice run in Julia’s shop, and had many people recognize my work from that venue.  But change can be a very good thing, and I am excited to have all my babies back in my hands for a fresh round of photos, in context.  By this I mean in peoples homes and in places I would place my work. This is going to be loads of fun as I have an invitation from a friend with a super chic house in which to photograph my work!!

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  2. By Anet Dunne on Mar 6, 2011

    Hi, Nell. Thanks so much for participating in the WordPress class on 3/5. It was great having your and your Mac laptop there! Such beautiful images…

    I finally found the Shiki Monkey Facebook page. (the link above is broken) May I suggest that you put the link underline under the words “Shiki Monkey” and use this:

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your website. When I come across WordPress designs created for artist portfolios, I will
    Email you links. Your work is fabulous, Nell!

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