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Shiki Monkey!

December 23rd, 2008 Posted in marketing, retailers, shows

I took down two shows last month and was feeling kind of un-inspiried about my future options.  I really am tying to move past the “cafe’ show” in general, due to the puny sales and constant expense. Really, the best marketplace/cafe’ scene to happen for me was in San Francisco in a posh neighborhood, and since then, I have been seeking shows closer to home as well as missing my target audience.

Feeling down about my new and yet familiar predicament, I found myself out to purchase some sunglasses to bring a necessary and new perspective. I was greeted by the hospitable and lovely Julia, and agreed to bring my loot to her small boutique for sale by commission. In effect, I lowered my prices to their lowest imaginable in order to not price myself out of the kitchy, cute, gifty scene. Shiki Monkey is located in Sebastopol 223. S. Main Street.  707.824.1712

So, although I have my originals out for sale at reproduction prices, I still have something to brag about!

Oh, I am also still showing on the back wall of Launch, my favorite clothing store in Sebastopol!!

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